• Series Cast



    Ariela Rotenberg is thrilled to be working with this rad team of creatives again, following her run on Wolf 359 as Rachel Young. She has also appeared on The Power Up Podcast with Emily Batsford. When she isn't appearing on podcasts, Ariela is a clinical social worker in New York City.



    Briggon Snow started out in podcasts as the voice of Caleb on the science-fiction audio drama, The Bright Sessions. With a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers, guest spots on CBS’ Seal Team, Showtime’s Master of Sex, and podcasts such as Arcs, The Big Loop, EOS 10, Super Ordinary, and My Neighbors Are Dead - Briggon is an actor with a wide-ranging and growing body of work on screen and behind the mic. He is also one of the co-founders and VP of Digital for the production studio Atypical Artists.



    Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs does the art thing, usually dancing or acting. She’s known for her role as Captain Lovelace on Wolf 359. She also teaches clown with Zara Aina, makes a mean brisket, and writes songs or makes dance videos. She has worked on projects with Andrew Schneider, Jamie Poskin, and MTV. Follow her on instagram for upcoming performances, granola making, and the occasional kitten rescue.



    Ellen Winter is a performer, writer, and composer from the woods of Fairfax, VA currently based in Brooklyn. In 2017, she and writing partner, Chris Littler, co-directed/wrote/composed 36 Questions the podcast musical, starring Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Playbill, and Marie Claire. Residencies include Ars Nova's Maker's Lab, Rhinebeck Writers Retreat, SPACE on Ryder Farm, Drop Forge and Tool, and Barn Arts Collective. Since 2018, she's performed and written songs with the Story Pirates for their Gimlet podcast. Ellen's also one fifth of nerd-rock group Chamber Band, and together they have three albums and three national tours under their belts. Right now, she's in post production for her debut solo album, Every Feeling. Also - she already loves your dog. Find her at @itsellenwinter and ellenwintermaktesthings.com



    Emma Sherr-Ziarko is an actor, writer, visual artist, dancer, and sommelier in training. Currently, she works mostly as a Voiceover Actor. You can hear her as Commander Renée Minkowski on the Audio Drama Series Wolf 359.


    In her spare time, she writes, paints, crafts, and studies to be a Sommelier! She also hosts and produces Pairing, a podcast about pairing wine with art and pop culture. Be sure to check it out and subscribe.



    Felix Trench is an actor from London. In audio drama, he is a regular cast member of Wooden Overcoats and Zombies, Run (iOS/Android). Other credits include The AM Archives, Victoriocity, Hello From the Magic Tavern, The Orphans, The Once and Future Nerd, and Quid Pro Euro which he also writes. Screen includes Doctors (BBC), Hollyoaks (Channel 4), and commercials. Stage includes work in venues across London.



    Kristen DiMercurio is a voiceover actress best known the role of Dr. Sally Grissom in the scifi podcast, ars PARADOXICA. With three seasons and over two million downloads, this project inspired her to pursue a career in the voiceover industry. Since then, she has performed in a dozen other podcasts and thousands of commercial/industrial voiceover gigs! Her new series, Brimstone Valley Mall is currently crowd-funding on IndieGoGo.



    Jordan Cobb is a New York City based actress and writer. She works as head writer and producer for both companies, and she voices the characters of Harper Bennett and Dr. Natalya Atlas in Black Lace and Laser Beam’s action/adventure audio drama, Here Be Dragons, and Chel in No Such Thing Production’s sci-fi/horror limited series, Janus Descending. Her upcoming project, The Primordial Deep, is currently crowd-funding on IndieGoGo.



    Mike Schubert is the host of Potterless, the journey of a grown man reading Harry Potter for the first time, and the co-host of HORSE, a basketball podcast about everything except for the wins and losses. He is a founding member of Multitude, an independent audio collective and consultancy. He's just starting to dip his toes into the pool of voice acting, but he's ready to go for a swim if you have a pool that's open.



    Noah Masur was nominated for several awards for his work as Daniel Jacobi on the audio drama Wolf 359, and also lends his voice to the podcast How We Manage Stuff. He has experience performing improv comedy at UCB, and is afraid of heights, bees, and the dark.



    Peter Coleman is a man with the heart of a comedian and cartoon character, but the training of an actor from one of the best drama schools in the country, NYU Tisch. Peter can do many fun and exotic thing with his voice and face and has honed his comic timing over many years of practice. From one angle, he can be a bookish, introverted math geek, but with a shift in demeanor, can slip into a confident, charming pickup artist, or a deranged sociopath. While his first love is comedy, he truly enjoys focusing my energy on playing serious roles and digging to the core of a character.



    Tom Crowley s a writer, actor and comedian based in London, best known for playing Aston Lange in The Royals (E!), writing and performing (as Eric Chapman) in the Prix Europa-nominated podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats (available now on all podcast platforms), and as the playwright behind the stage adaptation of the Rocky Horror sequel, Shock Treatment (King’s Head, 2015). As an actor he has also been heard in The Brig Society and The Lentil Sorters for BBC Radio 4, and in podcasts Victoriocity, The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast (Maximum Fun), The Temp (Audible Originals) and Baby It's Cold Outside (Storyglass). His modernised stage adaptation of Charles Dickens's Great Expectations was published by Methuen in 2017.



    Zach Libresco is a company member with The Humanist Project (their devised clown show centered on quantum physics and Russian Fairy Tales runs this November and December in NYC) and a model for the National World War I Memorial. Previous audio drama: Wolf 359, Janus Descending, Tides, ars Paradoxica. Thanks to Team Long Story Short Productions for this project, HERE, AT THE END OF ALL THINGS!